1. Setup asterisk, VOIP server on Ubuntu platform.

2. Setup different VPN.

3. Customize different existing Codec on VOIP client and server.

4. Try different Combination of Codec and VPN configuration and observe the result.

5. Propose a new configuration from all these combinations that can reduce overhead and increase the quality of VOIP call

Step 1: Is on progress….(We are trying Asterisk server on ubuntu 11.10 and client as X-lite(free version))

Step 2: Here the list of VPN we are going to setup:

– PPTP: We already configured the PPTP successfully with the help of some blog and site, here the list of the site we tried:

Hope Shuvo will write detail on PPTP configuration.

Configuration for PPTP:

Platform: Ubuntu (11.10, 32bit)

TPlink switch

Host: Ubuntu;

client: windows 7, Apple mac Lion OS