By default, files for the Robot Framework do not show any syntax on Sublime Text or VIM, with some tweaks we can add Robot Framework syntax.

For Sublime Text 2:

Open Sublime Text 2 and click Preferences -> Browse Packages to open the packages directory. Then create a directory named Robot Framework containing the contents of the following repository:

Note: The contents of the repository should be directly under the Robot Framework directory.

Now close the Sublime Text 2 editor if it’s already been opened and then open a file with Robot Framework syntax, the syntax should be now visible like below:


For VIM Text Editor:

Clone the git repository in any place:

git clone

Go to the content directory:

cd robotframework-vim

Make sure the directory ~/.vim/ already exist for the current user, if not then create the directory:

mkdir ~/.vim

Now copy all the contents to ~/.vim/ location:

cp -R * ~/.vim/

Now open any files with Robot Framework syntax in the VIM editor, the syntax should be visible like below: